Scent is personal, and each scent tells a unique story – not only about the wearer, but also about the history of fragrance.


The scent of Neroli is sweet and fresh, balanced by a blend of sharp citrus and exotic, spicy tones. Extracted by steam distillation from the blossoms of the bitter Seville orange tree, Neroli’s perfume can be described as floral, airy, green, with notes of citrussy orange and sweet honey underneath. Light, refreshing, and adaptable, the Neroli’s gorgeous, uni-sexy scent is the perfect fragrance for summer.


Neroli’s fresh, citrus scent can be traced back for centuries, finding favor in ancient and modern cultures around the globe.

Ancient Egyptian priests and priestesses used Neroli oil in houses of worship, much in the same way that incense is used is churches today. In Ancient China, the bitter orange blossom was a symbol of purity, innocence, and fertility, and brides would use orange blossoms in their bridal bouquets. Because of this tradition, the expression “to gather orange blossoms” would eventually come to mean “to seek a wife.”

The name “Neroli” is widely believed to come from a small Italian city near Rome, and the 17th century royalty who lived there. Princess Anna Maria de la Tremoille of Nerola, Italy fell in love with the fragrance, which perfumed the air in spring. Princess Anna Maria so loved the scent that she became the first person to distill the bitter orange blossoms to make Neroli Essential Oil, which she used to perfume her clothes, gloves, and baths. She so loved the fragrance that she became known as “Princess Nerola,” introducing the scent to her homeland and starting a craze for the scent.


It is also said that Neroli oil was beloved by likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette, who used the fragrance every day as a cologne/aftershave and perfume, respectively.


Neroli oil is well-renowned for its calming, soothing fragrance that naturally boosts mood. The uplifting scent has been used for centuries as a natural anti-depressant, helping to combat negative emotions, insomnia and exhaustion and improve overall well-being. Widely used today in aromatherapy, Neroli eases tension and stress, helping to relax the mind, body, and spirit.


In skincare, Neroli has been proven to aid in acne and scarring, as the oil helps to stimulate cell regeneration. Neroli also contains natural antioxidant properties that keep the complexion smooth, balanced, and glowing by improving circulation, protecting from free-radicals, and helping skin to maintain a healthy oil and moisture balance

F R E N C H  G I R L
Breath deeply, stay well.

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