The scent of the rose is complex, steeped in the environments where it is grown. As such, its perfume can vary from spicy to sweet, delicate to rich, or understated to wild. However, the varying fragrance notes of the rose have always been tied together through its intensely romantic aroma – a timeless scent that is effortlessly sensual and undeniably feminine.


An old and historic bloom, rose, “The Queen of Flowers,” is widely considered as the classic scent, a cornerstone of perfumery for thousands of years. Its association with love and romance can be traced back millennia, to the societies of the most ancient cultures.

In Classic mythology, the rose was symbolically intertwined with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, who was responsible for the existence of both white and red roses.

Historically, Ancient Romans were especially fond of the flower - rosewater flowed through fountains, awnings built to protect the wealthy from the scorching sun in public amphitheaters were soaked in rose oil, and pillows and mattresses were filled with rose petals, helping encourage a restful sleep.

It has also been said that   Cleopatra had roses strewn about her  boudoir when she welcomed Mark Antony  into her bedchamber.


"The beneficial properties of the rose and its byproducts are endless. For example, rose has a mood-elevating scent that helps soothe anxiety and encourage relaxation."

In scientific terms, the various terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids, and anthocyanins that are contained in rose oil (or rose attar, as it was once called) have been proven to carry antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, when inhaled, the rose can create an overall feeling of well-being.

Try rosewater spray on your pillow to aid sleep and soothe the nervous system.



F R E N C H  G I R L
Breath deeply, stay well.

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