face masks

While wearing face masks is a necessary step for essential workers to protect themselves and others from Covid-19, there’s no denying that protective masks aren’t exactly easy on the skin, especially when worn for prolonged periods of time.

side effects of wearing protective masks

From skin irritation and breakouts to swelling and bruising, essential workers have been dealing with the unfortunate side effects of wearing protective masks for months.

Because we are so focused on protecting ourselves on the inside, it’s easy to forget about outside of our bodies. However, if you are an essential worker, it is now more important than ever to take care of your skin – and we have a simple yet effective skincare routine for you to do just that.

Important things to remember

1. If at all possible, avoid wearing makeup, especially on the area of skin covered by your mask. Masks trap moisture from your breath and can cause bacteria to form - resulting in acne, redness, or inflammation. Adding makeup to the mix will cause additional irritation and clogged pores, resulting in breakouts and clogged pores.

2. Cleanse your face before and after putting on and removing your mask.

3. Use a toner or facial mist throughout the day to hydrate, refresh, and balance skin.

4. Repair your skin barrier with creams and oils rich in fatty acids, the building blocks of healthy cells.

5. Avoid products with harsh chemicals like alcohol, SLS, or synthetic fragrances, as these ingredients can disrupt the skin's natural pH balance.

6. Ease up on skin treatments like Retinol and AHA's for now, as they can be harsh on skin.

7. Always moisturize skin with a barrier cream after cleansing and toning, even if you have oily skin.

STEP ONE: Cleanse

Use a gentle cleanser to thoroughly wash face (with clean hands) before wearing and after removing your mask.

TIP: Exchange exfoliating scrubs with a soothing, gentle cleanser. Facial exfoliants can be harsh on skin, and you want to avoid excess irritation when possible.

Fleur de Néroli Charcoal Wash

- Cleansers containing gentle ingredients like Aloe soothe the skin, while floral distillates restore the skin’s natural pH.

- Rooibos and Green Tea extracts provide anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits, helping to combat bacteria and irritation.

- Vitamin B-5, Tamanu, and Jojoba oils soothe and hydrate skin.

- Hyaluronic Acid strengthens and protects skin, helping it to retain a healthy balance of moisture and elasticity.

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After cleansing, use a gentle toner or facial mist to help balance pH and calm skin.

TIP: Gentle facial mists (formulated without alcohol) help to soothe, balance, and clarify the skin, while aiding the skin's ability to absorb hydration. Use as needed throughout the day to hydrate, soothe, and refresh.

Eau de Néroli Floral Mist

- Witch Hazel replaces alcohol as a gentle astringent, helping to shrink pores while also soothing skin and easing inflammation.

- Rose, Neroli & Holy Basil provide anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits.

- Floral distillates restore the skin’s natural pH.

- Plant Essential Oils provide a safe, subtle fragrance without chemical enhancers.

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