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Maison French Girl

Les Bougies Botaniques

Engage Your Senses With Clean Plant-Wax Candles

Rêver De Voyager Candles

Take a scented journey without leaving home.

The soothing palette of soft colors that adorn the glass vessels of each of the unique, finely crafted fragrances are at home in any décor and will find a new life as a cherished objet in your home after their scent is but a memory.

Fleurs Tropicales Candles

 Family-owned Makana speaks to the Island Girl in you. There is an abundant feeling of Aloha spirit that envelops you in the warmth and goodwill that emanates from these luscious candles. This is the raison d'etre small, indie makers (of which FRENCH GIRL is one) will continue to have our hearts.

Jardin Des Fleurs Candles

As a company focused on creating beautiful, yet natural smelling fragrances for our products, FRENCH GIRL feels a grand plaisir in the discovery of Ardor Bin, whose founder, Latrice has developed scents that capture the very essence of the French Girl...alluring, feminine, and authentically natural in an effortless way. 

Needless to say, we are enthralled!. 

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