Evening Ritual Pour Le Corps | From The Founder


Body care is so important to me, just as much as facial care.

Every night I have a bath with one of our soaks and polishes. I am particularly fond of combining our Rose Sea Polish with our new Madewell exclusive soak in Lavande Blanche - white lavender - I actually love the combination of the two for scent-layering. I just polish myself before getting into the bath, then immerse and let the salts and sugars merge and melt into the water - it's so divine.


After the bath I spray my body with our Floral Toner in Rose which adds further aromatherapy to the evening. I love that the toner also helps keep my skin supple and hydrated! 

 Next I mix a generous amount of Lumiere Body Oil and Body Silk for absolute hydration, and give myself a light effleurage massage to encourage lymphatic drainage and relax my muscles.


I love to then apply one of our liquid parfums in Jasmine or Rose, aromas that are restorative and relaxing.


I finish with our Cuticle Oil - even on my toes! 

This is my tried and true nighttime ritual that eases me to sleep - it's essential for me, and I deeply believe that the scents work wholly on our subconscious. 

- Kristeen Griffin-Grimes

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