Inspired by the mystique of the French avant garde, FRENCH GIRL draws bygone luxury into the modern age. Coy and daring, playful and clever, the French Girl approaches her self-care ritual with an eye for conscious consumption and potent, natural, plant-based ingredients.

N E W   L O O K

You may have noticed that FRENCH GIRL, with the launch of La Noire Collection, has introduced chic, updated packaging. Inspired by La Femme Fatale, Film Noir and Surrealism, we excitedly present a brand new FRENCH GIRL.

E L E G A N T   N E W   B O T T L E S

We now house our organic, clean beauty products in beautiful Italian glass bottles with upgraded pumps and sprayers. Our repackaging journey began in Italy where we became acquainted with another family business, much like our own, that had been producing high quality, exquisite glass bottles for decades. It was a match made in heaven, and we love supporting artisans who take the quality of their product very seriously. After you have pumped out the last drop of FRENCH GIRL goodness, we recommend reusing the bottles by giving them a second life as elegant containers for hand soap or as plant misters. 

S U S T A I N A B L E   B O X E S

The new secondary packaging is printed on certified post-consumer recycled paper and may be re-used or recycled. For the design, we took a page from the notebooks of Matisse and Picasso to create illustrations that represented the FRENCH GIRL joie de vivre.
We hope you love them as much as we do!