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French Girl

From Our Maison To Yours


Middle French, from Old French maisun, meson, inherited from

Latin mānsiō, mānsiōnem (“abode, home, dwelling”), from maneō (“remain, stay”) 

a sense of home

From the moment I first set foot in France over 20 years ago, I found an overwhelming sense of home and belonging, a way of life that completely resonated with me. As the French Way found its place in our Seattle home, I listened to the whispers from my long departed French ancestors and soon, from cooking to gardening, that way of living permeated and defined our daily existence. I have always wanted to share a small part of that experience with our FRENCH GIRL family, something that went beyond, yet still was connected to the products we created as well as our FRENCH GIRL mission and ethos. 

As we cling even closer to our homes as a place for restoration and comfort, this became even more important to us. With Maison French Girl we hope to bring you ways to incorporate that soul satisfying, esthetic loveliness I found in every corner of the country, from the most elegant homes, to time-worn villages perched high in the Pyrenees. 

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