5 Benefits of Using Natural Hair Products

5 Benefits of Using Natural Hair Products

It's time to toss away your conventional haircare products filled with harmful chemicals and other harsh ingredients because the natural beauty industry is on the rise, and with good reason. People are using healthier skincare alternatives and seeking to use natural hair care products. Using natural hair products brings vibrancy and health to your hair. You can ditch the fear of exposing yourself to harmful side effects because natural hair products don't contain those harsh ingredients like preservatives. We're highlighting the top benefits for your hair from using our natural hair products. And when you combine French Girl's hair products such as our Rose Hair Oil with the Jasmine or Rose Sea Spray, you can get the most out of nature's gifts with your hair, thanking you in return.


Protects Hair From Heat 



With at-home heat-styling tools, sleek, shiny, straight hair or beautiful curls can easily be achieved. The best way to protect your hair from damage is to use a heat protectant like our Rose Hair Oil every time you apply heat to your hair. Our lightweight blend of pure, hydrating oils in our Rose Hair Oil will help protect your luscious locks during heat-styling. Argan Oil often referred to as "liquid gold," is a vitamin E and fatty-acid-rich oil that can protect your hair against high heat by coating the cuticle of the hair strands. Argan has long been praised as a haircare staple to add to your everyday beauty routine. Because heat-styling tools can leave your hair looking dull and dry, Argan protects while adding shine and softness. You can save your precious strands with this multi-functional natural heat protectant that will give your hair an everlasting glossy shine. 


Strengthens Your Hair 


You may not have heard of Pro-Vitamin B5, known as one of the most popular ingredients in the hair industry worldwide. This game-changing ingredient is one of the few vitamins that can infuse hefty amounts of moisture into the hair. Our Jasmin Sea Spray is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, which strengthens delicate strands with the vital nutrients needed to have the best hair days ahead. When applied to the hair, Pro-Vitamin B5 binds to the strands and adds a more healthy structure to each strand by providing layers of resilience and strength. It can also help repair previous damage. Reap the benefits of this natural hair product by strengthening your hair while also achieving the ultimate beachy, tousled hair look.


Promotes Hair Growth  


Are you yearning for thicker locks? Believe it or not, most conventional hair products that claim to help your hair can wreak havoc with all of the harsh chemicals packed in them. By opting for natural hair products, you are paving the way for natural ingredients to aid hair growth. Our Rose Hair Oil contains Geranium essential oil to infuse your hair with an intoxicating lasting scent of Mediterranean France. This treasured ingredient also helps promote new hair growth. Geranium balances secretions around the hair follicles, making it the ultimate secret weapon for hair growth. Ditch the synthetic paraben-based products at the door and naturally achieve thicker, fuller-looking hair with pleasantly scented hair throughout the day.  




Your hair and skin go hand in hand. Many of the same qualities of mother nature's ingredients that nourish the skin can also improve the overall condition of your hair. Aloe Vera is an essential staple on your beauty shelf as a powerful hydrating ingredient with soothing properties. Aloe Vera Infused in our Rose Sea Spray, Aloe vera locks and loads moisture into the hair. Because of its' natural moisturizing properties and nourishing benefits, Aloe Vera acts as an excellent hair conditioner that gives your tout that smooth and shiny look it deserves. You can achieve that natural beachy look with a moisturized, well-balanced, happy scalp using our sea sprays. 


Protects Hair from Harmful UV Radiation 


Spring has sprung, and summertime is right around the corner, so it's time to consider protecting your hair and your skin from the sun. Not only is our Rose Hair Oil beneficial as a heat protectant during styling, but it is also a great alternative instead of using a toxic sunscreen to shield your hair from harmful UV radiation. The main ingredient in our hair oil is Olive Oil which not only has many uses in the kitchen but also multiple uses and benefits for the hair. It is full of notoriously beneficial vitamins and protect your precious hair from free radicals and UV rays. This natural plant-derived oil helps shield and calm the scalp and skin from the sun's harmful rays.




Our natural hair products at French Girl Organics have been specially and safely formulated to offer a luxurious harmless shower experience. All the above-stated benefits are sufficient to prove that natural hair products will give you far better results.


As a society, we've been conditioned to think that sulfates, silicones, and parabens are simply just part of the deal if you want great hair. The good news is that this statement is Incorrect. With the rise in popularity of natural hair products in the beauty industry and consumers becoming increasingly ingredient-conscious, your hair will reap all the amazing benefits from using natural hair products. Your hair will regain its health and vitality, leaving you feeling happy and confident with a beautiful head of hair. Instead of choosing synthesized, artificial options, indulge in the benefits of using safe, natural hair products with ingredient lists you can actually read and understand. Make the change with your hair care products today, and attain healthier, shinier and stronger hair. You will not be disappointed, and neither will your hair or the environment.