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Benefits Of Nail & Cuticle Oil For Healthy Nails

Whether you're a salon appointment girl or a DIY mani connoisseur, nail and cuticle oil is a beauty staple that should belong to everyone to maintain the health of your nails and cuticles. This nail product truly deserves the hero status in the nail world.

French Girl's take-anywhere nail hero, Nail & Cuticle Oil, is an enriching blend of natural, dynamic botanical extracts and essential oils filled with benefits that one just can't ignore.


Helps Your Manicures Last Longer 

Vegan Nail Varnish - Helps Your Manicures Last Longer

To avoid a freshly done manicure from being quickly chipped, that is where nail and cuticle oil becomes your loyal friend by forming an extra barrier on top to protect your polished work of art. If you accidentally knock your nails when they're not completely dry, nail and cuticle oil will help your nails slip away rather than catch and smudge your otherwise perfect-looking tips. 

Use nail and cuticle oil to cocoon your creations and make them live the long and glorious lives they are meant to. This protectant oil will help you avoid premature chipping or breakage, which should be enough to go all-in on applying it.  

Whether you enjoy a great set of acrylics, a sleek shellac look, or just a simple polish, having dry nails with any type of polish is at risk. When the base area of your nails becomes excessively dry, any kind of polish you wear will start to grow away from them and begins to lift. When lifting occurs, it becomes pretty hard to ignore the urge to start picking, leading to thinning and splitting the nails. Using our Nail & Cuticle Oil, your manicures will last longer to prevent this damage from happening. 


Promotes Faster Nail Growth


One of the most incredible things about nail and cuticle oil is its nutrient-dense formula and the low maintenance massaging process used to apply it thoroughly, increasing circulation in the nail area and stimulating growth.  

Due to the naturally hydrating and fortifying properties of Jojoba Oil in our Nail & Cuticle Oil, it helps your nails grow faster because of its' unique formulation of essential vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids. 

Helps Heal Damaged 

Helps Heal Damaged


Nail and cuticle oil is a gentle product that is safe for those with sensitive skin. Its application is free of irritation and can also reduce the damage accumulated around or on your nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin. The natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and high concentrated levels of Vitamin E from the central ingredient, Argan Oil, in French Girl's Nail and Cuticle Oil, help promote regeneration on a cellular level by boosting nutrients to the nails, leaving the area more substantial than before. 

It can hydrate and heal the damage accumulated on your nails and surrounding skin throughout the wear and tear of daily life. It's simply not just a cuticle savior by softening and preventing hangnails from happening; it's also stellar at promoting all-around healthier, stronger nails. 

Easy To Use 

 Vegan Nail Varnish - Easy To Use


Another wonderful thing about nail and cuticle oil is that it is as simple as effective in applying it. One of the best things about our Nail & Cuticle Oil is that it comes in convenient packaging with a roller ball for easy application, so it's way less messy than experimenting with your kitchen oils. You just roll it onto your nails and cuticles and massage it gently into the skin afterward. French Girl suggests using it frequently after washing hands to prevent dryness during the day. And it can also be involved more heavily at night and used with cotton gloves to lock in extra moisture. After you have rolled the product onto your nails and the surrounding area, those few additional minutes of massaging the oil into each nail can help you achieve the healthiest-looking nails. 

Prevents Nail Infections

Prevents Nail Infections


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul—but your nails are the windows to your health. When your cuticles aren't healthy, it opens the door to potential infections. Using an oil-based product instead of a nail cream is your best choice because a cream takes longer to absorb than oil, so it can act as an inadvertent magnet for dirt. 


Our Nail & Cuticle oil has natural ingredients infused with antibacterial properties and essential oils that can double as the microbe-killing stuff and make your hands smell lovely. Our product has Rosemary Essential Oil that contains phenolic compounds, which are stringent to keep nail beds clean, tackle microbes, and prevent infections. Our Nail & Cuticle Oil also includes an energizing and uplifting scent from Lemon Essential Oil, which is well known for effectively removing toxins from the skin to keep microbes at bay. The blend of high-quality essential oils is a fantastic built-in benefit. It releases you from stressing over any bacterial and fungal growth that could negatively impact your nails and cuticles. 


 Vegan nail varnish


Proper cuticle care is vital for keeping your nails healthy. The Nail & Cuticle Oil from French Girl can be the perfect way to maintain the beauty and health of nails because of the beneficial infusion of natural ingredients. To make your nails look cleaner in seconds, have the Nail & Cuticle Oil on hand. Consistent use will make your nails look like you just walked out of a salon five minutes ago and encourage a future of healthy nail growth. Keep in mind that nails don't improve overnight. Patience and continuous use of our Nail Hero equal nail and cuticle perfection.