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Which product can best protect my hair from heat-styling and treatment?

The lightweight blend of hydrating oils in the Rose Hair Oil will help protect your hair during heat-styling. The argan oil contained in the Rose Hair Oil product has vitamin E and is fatty acid-rich, which protects your hair against high temperatures by coating the cuticle of hair strands.

Which product can help promote hair growth?

Rose Hair Oil contains active ingredients, such as geranium essential oil, that balance the secretions around the hair follicles, promoting hair growth by sustaining and conditioning the scalp.

Which products can moisturize my hair during hot summer days?

The aloe vera in the Rose Sea Spray and Jasmin Sea Spray brings loads of moisture into the hair. Aloe vera is an excellent hair conditioner with natural moisturizing properties and nourishing benefits.

Which product can best protect my hair from harmful UV radiation?

 The Rose Hair Oil can help protect your hair from harmful UV radiation. The Rose Hair Oil has olive oil as its main ingredient, which has beneficial vitamins that protect your hair from UV rays.

Which natural hair product can protect my hair from frequent breakage?

 The Jasmin Sea Spray and Rose Sea Spray contain Provitamin B5, a vital nutrient that strengthens hair strands. Provitamin B5 binds to hair strands, giving it a healthier structure and providing resilience and strength.