5 Benefits of Natural Lip Tints

5 Benefits of Natural Lip Tints

Lip tints are more than just providing color to perfect your pout. Giving your lips the proper care and attention is an absolute must for your oral health. We all want to have one in our beauty stash when it comes to lip tints. Having a super nourishing lip product is essential year-round. Most people think that natural ingredients lack stability compared to traditional elements. But the raw ingredients are as powerful and have a long shelf life as the conventional elements. And because you ingest some portion of any lip product, a clean-as-can-be formula is necessary. 


Packed with nourishing, clean ingredients (no greenwashing here), our French Girl lip tints bring all the hydrating benefits to your lips which can help maintain healthy and natural lips throughout the day with a pop of color.

Doesn't contain harsh chemicals


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Have you checked the ingredient labels on your lip products? Thousands of lip products like lip tints on the market are filled with petroleum jelly, synthetic fragrances, and artificial skin softeners. The scariest part is that many of these compounds sit on the surface of your skin which then can be easily ingested, especially on your lips, because this area is one of the thinnest skin parts of the entire body.  


At French Girl, we carefully formulate an enriching blend of organic and wildcrafted pure plant oils, butters, and waxes to leave your lips incredibly moisturized while adding a subtle pop of color and shine. One of our most popular lip tints, Ambre Rose, leaves your lips with a light minty and peppermint scent and flavor from pure, safe organic essential oils.  

Has beneficial all-natural pigments

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Like synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes are often derived from petroleum, and it can take up to 25 different chemicals to make just one color. From lead to petroleum to hormone-disrupting plastics, the chemicals conventional lip tints expose us to seem beyond not-worth-it for a brighter shade of a lip product. Artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes are some of the worst offenders—some are a known link to many types of cancers. We only use natural Iron Oxides & Micas at French Girl to provide a sheer pigment without artificial color or carmine. Our Sonali Lip Tint is blended with beautiful light pigmented hues that give your lips a peachy pink tint with a pearlescent shine.

 Moisturizes and heals dry lips


Moisturizing Lip tint


If you've ever heard that beauty is pain, organic tinted lip balms put that notion to rest. Tinted balms are super easy to apply and are a low-maintenance option for a pop of color. More importantly, they are a quick solution to dry lips! All hydration and nourishment your lips desire are found in these magical sleek black tubes. You can give your pout some moisturizing TLC while taking your look up a notch.


 But perhaps you are getting ready for bed and want all of the nourishment qualities from an organic lip tint without the color. That's where we got you covered with our Claire Lip Tint, a lustrous clear balm and emollient. Deeply enriched with shea butter and candelilla wax, Claire Lip Tint gives your lips the moisture it needs. It's great to use before bed or to hydrate your lips before or after using one of our colored lip tints. 

Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties


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Developing organic lip tints that have benefits go beyond the importance of simply being nontoxic, organic, and vegan. They nourish and protect your lips with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Our organic lip tints contain olive oil packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Olive oil's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties protect skin cells against environmental damage and inflammation, promoting healthy aging and reducing lip irritation from external factors. 


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Are you looking for a subtle classic deep red lip look? The Rose Noire Lip Tint can not only take your makeup look from zero to 100 in a minute but also treat your lips with the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties it needs. It's equal parts dramatic, powerful and feminine. This beautiful colored lip tint is a lip look that never goes out of style.

Environmentally friendly that delivers more value to your lips.

Choosing organic, eco-friendly lip tints mean you're conscious of what goes on your lips and your care for the environment at the same time. We formulate our lip tints at French Girl in a more sustainable manufacturing process. And because our lip tints provide tangible health benefits to the lips with long-lasting wear, you only need to apply less to get the desired results. 


Enjoy one of the lip tint trio sets like Playful, our Blush Lip Tint Collection. Our flirtiest, most playful lip tints for you to discover and play with. This sweet set includes Sonali, Violette, and Aphrodesie lip tints. Save by purchasing this collection and play with all three of these tints. Apply them individually or blend them together to achieve your desired look. 


Vegan Lip Tint product


When it comes to your lips, choosing natural lip tints is an excellent choice, it builds color and nourishes with every swipe. And since we actually consume most of the lipstick applied to our pout, the negative ramifications of using toxic products are not worth it. Why not reap the benefits of using a natural lip tint that gives you the color you want but doesn't dry out your lips yet nourishes them? You are doing something environmentally friendly by indulging in natural lip tints because every little part counts.  


Keep your lips feeling their best with our versatile selection of tints with a bursting combination of conditioning plant butters and oils blended with beautiful pigments to achieve a smooth, nourished pout and your shade of choice.