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Nourishing balms, smoothing polish, and perfect pops of everyday color. Always vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable.
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  • Le Lip Tint - Trio Misbehave
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    Misbehave - LipstickLe Lip Tint Trio - Lipstick
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    Rose Lip Polish - Deluxe Sample - Lip Makeup

Do French Girl Lip Tints contain any artificial ingredients?

All of our natural lip tint products, such as the Ambre Rose, were carefully formulated with organic and wild-crafted plant oils, waxes, and butters to moisturize your skin. French Girl Natural Lip Tints do not contain any artificial ingredients. None of our lip tint products contain harsh chemicals such as synthetic fragrances, artificial skin softeners, or petroleum jelly.

Can natural lip balms moisturize better than off-the-shelf lip balms?

 Yes, natural lip tint products such as our Claire Lip Tintcan moisturize well. Our lip tint products contain shea butter and candelilla wax to provide moisture for your lips.

Are French Girl Lip Tints safe to use if I have sensitive lips?

 Aside from having no harmful chemicals, our lip tint products, such as the Rose Noire Lip Tint, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These products contain olive oil, which is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that protect lips from environmental damage and inflammation.

Does French Girl natural lip balm contain beeswax?

 No. French Girl Natural Lip Tint Products are fully vegan; therefore, they don’t contain any ingredients derived from animals. All our natural lip tint products, such as the Natural Lip Tint Collectioncontain only plant-derived ingredients.

Are the colors in your natural lip tints as buildable and long-lasting as other colored lip products on the market?

Yes! French Girl Lip tint products use natural pigments such as iron oxides and micas to provide color that is buildable and has a long-lasting wear. The Sonali Lip Tint provides rich peachy-pink color with a pearlescent shine without carmine or any artificial pigments.